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About Us

Dr. Kannan Rajamani Karnam was born in Mumbai and graduated from Grant Medical College and JJ Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai. Dr. Kannan Rajamani Karnam, MBBS began practicing allopathy in January, 1980. Within two years, the limitations of this form of medicine struck him.

Though dubbed the best form of treatment, it had no cures for any chronic illnesses and was proficient in converting any acute illness to a chronic one. His search for alternatives led him to learn Homeopathy from the Association of Homeopathy in Mumbai and later, Siddha medicine from reknowned Dr. Srilasri GANAPATHY SWAMIGAL, Madurai.

He then learnt ozone from the Ozone Forum of India under the able guidance of Dr. Parul Saheba. Ozone fascinated him and he proceeded to train further in Ozone and Prolozone from world renowned ozone specialist Dr. Frank Shallenberger in Nevada State, USA.

He learnt Chelation therapy and Bioidentical Hormone therapy whilst in America. He also tutored under Renowned Prolotherapist Dr. Margaret Taylor, learning both Prolotherapy and Neural Prolotherapy in Australia. His journey also took him to Ukraine where he learnt Bio-Resonance Therapy and also was educated to do Ozone EBOO therapy under Dr. Nazarov in Odessa, Ukraine. Back home he has also done VARMA therapy and ACCUTOUCH therapy.

His concern for the economically backward has led him to conduct medical camps in rural areas in MURBAD, Maharashtra. He has received numerous awards (listed below) for his excellent social work. He was also involved in POLIO CORRECTIVE SURGERY Camps in Kashmir and various parts of India conducted by the Ghatkopar Rotary Club, Mumbai lead by Dr. Maheshbhai Parikh who is a renowned social worker.

He has been involved in free monthly medical camps for the rural Adivasi population of Murbad for the past 20 years. He has also started free Ozone camps around MURBAD for the Adivasi population thus making their lives more productive and fulfilling.

He recently started doing PRP Treatment (Platelet rich plasma treatment) which gives permanent relief to aching joints, back pain, non – healing wounds and cosmetology procedures.

Dr. Krishna Karnam

Dr. K. R. Karnam’s son is as illustrious as his father. A M.B.B.S graduate from Loni, Maharashtra, he joined his father as an ozone specialist. Tutored under Dr. Parul Saheba in Ozone therapy, He also trained in Ozone & Prolozone with Dr. Frank Shallenberger who is a world renowned Ozone specialist. He learnt chelation from ACAM (American college for advancement in medicine) in Las Vegas. He is also a Bio-resonance therapy specialist having trained in Kiev, Ukraine. Having also trained under Dr. Nazarov for EBOO and cosmetic ozone, he is indeed an accomplished ozone therapist. He has also learned prolotherapy from Dr. Margaret Taylor, Australia.