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Bio-Resonance Therapy

What is Bio-resonance therapy?

Bio-resonance therapy is a Diagnostic tool and Treatment modality based on electromagnetic fields that are present within the human body. Developed on the principles of Dr. Harold S. Burr, measurement and manipulation of the electric fields can be used to detect and treat various conditions of the body.

What is Bio-resonance? How does it work?

The Human Body is a complex electromagnetic system that interacts with the components within itself creating a Body Energy Field. These, in turn, interact with the environment in different frequency bands. They can be divided into Basic Frequencies, Supporting Frequencies and Energy-informational frequencies of cell exchange.

Electromagnetic fluctuations control a major aspect of cell to cell interactions within the body. They contribute to controlling metabolism, stimulating growth, distributing hormones and transmitting pain sensations.

Dr. Harold S. Burr proposed that all living things are formed by fields capable of measurement with standard instruments. These electric fields reflect physical and mental conditions and are, therefore, of utility in diagnosis. He also detected that changes in electromagnetic activity or pulses precedes the disease. This means that the diagnosis of energy-information exchange of the body is able to assess the state of human health, and most importantly - make warning predictions, predict disease and take preventive measures to avoid it.

Physiological fluctuations are electromagnetic oscillations that come from healthy organs. Each organ has a spectrum of oscillations which is specific only to that particular organ.

Radiation frequencies determine the rate of absorption of energy in the human body. These variable frequencies help determine the intensity of the disease in each particular organ. For example: Normal frequencies for the Heart are 700 to 800 Hz, with an increase up to 1500 Hz for Angina Pectoris. Normal Liver corresponds to 300 to 400 Hz which increases to 600 Hz with increase in inflammation.

What are the advantages over conventional diagnostic scans?

Bio-resonance scan is a Non-Linear Analysis Scan, which allows capturing and reflecting in the form of maps and charts the slightest changes in biological structures of the entire body.

  • The scan is a non-invasive test which has no pre-requisite fasting. The test is simple and takes about 35 to 45 minutes to complete. There is no exposure to harmful radiation and is an OPD procedure.

  • As changes in frequencies precede the disease, the scan detects disease in the early stages. In some cases, this leads to predictions of diseases that may present later.

  • The scanner can be used to check compatibility of the patient and his/her medicines. If the aspects of electromagnetic fields are similar to some extent, the phenomenon of resonance is possible between them.

  • The scanner gives information and details about pathogens if present in the body.

  • The scanner also gives information about Contaminants present and Energy Information Burden exerted on the body by various environmental factors.

The scan thus helps to give a complete and causal treatment plan which can be individualized to any patient, helping achieve good health.

How is Bio-resonance therapy (BRT) and MORA administered?

Bio-resonance therapy normally involves receiving, amplifying, inverting and returning back the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations.

Separation and Identification of both Physiological and Pathological waves is necessary. These waves can be augmented and inverted as required of the disease.

Through energy-information products or Spectronosodes, the scanner can imitate the wave characteristics of medicines and transfer it to a soluble matrix ie. Water, Alcohol or Homoeopathic sugar pills. This can eliminate the possibility of allergy and compatibility to the patient.

Bioresonance therapy can reduce the need of medicines and can also control dependency to addictive substances.

The treatment has to be repeated for 5 to 7 cycles for acute illnesses. Chronic illnesses require more than 8 cycles.

What scanner do you use?

We here at the Oxyfresh Medical Centre, use the SENSITIV IMAGO 500CE model.

They can be contacted here at sensitivimago.com